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About ViSP

Resource Centre for Special Needs Education for Adults (abbr. ViSP) was established in Naestved on January 1st. 2007. ViSP is an establishment under the municipality of Naestved.

ViSP has

A Department for the Rehabilitation of Basic Difficulties

A Department for the rehabilitation of Speech, linguistic and cognitive difficulties

A Department for the rehabilitation of communicative function difficulties

Denmark has joined the UN disability convention (United Nations CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, 2009)

In our perspective a person may be relatively more or less Disabled in relation to their own self-perception and in relation to ambient requirements. Disability is thus perceived in a social Context.

The perspectives for the special needs education can be downloaded in danish here

ViSP’s Mission is to provide a Holistic, Multidisciplinary approach to People with few Personal and / or academic Qualifications in relation to the demands they face when confronted with the Education-, Labour Market- and / or that they face in their ordinary, everyday Life.

ViSP aims to provide specific strategies through wide, Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation efforts and to contribute to the relevant Municipal Policies on the Labor Market, in the areas of Health and Welfare as well as Children and Youth.

Read more about ViSP here